Zifiti.com Unveils Its New, Strategic Partnership with Unicommerce

Continuing to set the pace with high level technology, Zifiti.com announce their newly formed partnership with ecommerce marketplace Saas solutions provider Unicommerce.  Leaders in their respective industries, Zifiti and Unicommerce have strategically aligned to further improve the seller-friendly onboarding process for vendors to offer their wares to loyal Zifiti customers in the United States.
Co-ordinating selling efforts through multiple marketplaces like Zifiti.com, Amazon and eBay has become a popular method of effectively and inexpensively growing an ecommerce business.  Management of live inventory across different channels, however, can require manual work and become tedious.  Unicommerce’s unique platform will allow sellers to understand, real time, their inventory status, order status, metrics and more.  This, coupled with Zifiti’sexisting streamlined integration process, will prove to be extremely valuable for all parties. 
Being only the third U.S. based cross-border marketplaceintegrated with Unicommerce’s platform will embolden Zifiti’s burgeoning success as an Incredibly Indian Marketplace.  After their soft launch in early 2017 Zifiti has quickly grown to become a go-to online resource for Indian products, alreadyranking on the first page of search engines for such key terms as “buy Indian products online.” 
Shinu Gupta, Zifiti’s founder and CEO, explains the company’s seller-centric approach as one of the reasons for their success.  “As an experienced marketplace seller myself I understand first hand the demand for support in getting started and managing the process right from the beginning,” Gupta explains.  He goes on to say that one of Zifiti’s goals is to minimize the amount of manual intervention required by a seller. 
Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce, states: " Our alliance with Zifiti.com will play a vital role for SME's in growing their business. It will also provide an exposure of the International Marketplace to the Indian sellers and will help take their online sales to another level.

About Zifiti:

Zifiti.com offers online buyers in the U.S. access to thousands of items ranging from daily needs such as Indian grocery items to specialty arts and crafts produced by skilled artisans. The Indian marketplace reduces the need to travel around the globe to find Indian food items, handicrafts, jewelry, apparel and more..

About Unicommerce:

Unicommerce is a SaaS based product which provides its Order ManagementWarehouse Management and Omnichannelsolution to automate client’s supply chain operations for online and offline businesses.  The company’s business model allows you tocentralize inventory, automate it, and define criteria to allocate it for selling. It is specially customized to meet the needs of Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Retail Chains, Individual Store Owners and E-commerce sellers to increase revenue and save operation costs.