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Welcome to Market Samachar

We are delighted to have this opportunity to convey our passion and excitement about the world of trade and business to you. As a Publisher I take this opportunity to layout and answer the very basics -

What is Market Samachar?

Why Market Samachar? And,

Why should you read Market Samachar?

What is Market Samachar?

Market Samachar, in simplest terms, is a Trade Magazine - with a specific focus on the South Asian business community. Primarily, we intend our magazine to be a link between the exporters and the Importers; a link between the wholesalers and the Retailers; a source of information regarding new and upcoming products and services in the Market; and, a one-stop destination for anyone who is interested in knowing about what's happening in the South Asian Marketplace, and the South Asian Milieu.

Why Market Samachar?

I've been in the ethnic Food Industry for over 25 long and eventful years. Yet, for all this time, there never has been a single good source of information devoted solely to the South Asian marketplace. There, indeed, never has been a single interface where both businessmen, South Asian and North American alike - find pertinent, important, up-to-date, and essential information regarding the South Asian marketplace. We launch Market Samachar to fill, first and foremost, this pressing void.

Why should you read Market Samachar?

If you are a vendor looking to expand, a manufacture looking for distributors, a retailer looking for the latest hot products - Market Samachar is the news magazine for you. if you are a grocery store owner, restaurant owner, jeweler, a travel agent, fashion garment shop owner, or a just a plain businessman looking for new markets and new opportunities - Market Samachar is the source of information for you. Or, even if you are none of the above, but just a person curious to know about something South Asian - Market Samachar is the magazine for you.

In short, it is our aim to make Market Samachar your one-stop destination for unbiased news and information pertaining to South Asian businesses. And, even more importantly, it is our intention, by interacting and communicating with, to learn from you.

We sincerely hope that you have an equally pleasant and an informative experience in reading our magazine, as it has been ours in bringing it you.

Do keep me up with your views and opinions,

Until next time...

Yours Most Sincerely,

Bharat K Joshi
Editor & Publisher

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