Will meatless meat be the future?


Do you want to be a Vegan- meat eater? 

The meat consumers have remodeled the food industry in recent years. Back in the years, it used to be an unsatisfactory experience whenever we were summoned to get a plant-based protein. It was laborious than taking the trip to the whole Europe. But, the world has evolved, and we have arrived in a place where anything is possible- Like, Plant-based protein, there are many proxies for high protein meat. Most of the grocery store has an entire freezer that contains plant-based protein options from vegan burgers that taste like meat to many meat alternatives that mimic crumbled beef or as chicken strips.

But, how did we reach this point? For many past decades, the consumption of meat in America has seen a constant decline. According to the research, 30% of the total population of meat eaters are not only leaving meat on their plates but also are looking for an alternative, like Vegan bars or food that are not actually meat but they taste like one. Primarily, this trend is driven by millennials who are inclined towards seeking healthy and organic plant-based meat alternatives. Lately, many individuals have adopted the same lifestyle because of which meat and dairy consumption in the US have decreased. 

Beyond Meat eating lifestyle- 

The world is appreciative to all the individuals who are devouring Plant-based protein and promoting it, all the while. It has outsourced a request for a cleaner and animal-free source of protein which is environment-friendly.  There has been an improvement in the number of plant-based meat substitutes in the market. 

The way we consume food has the endowment to not only change the world we are living, but it can also make it a better place with all the discovery that food companies are ingesting to us in the form of delicious mouth-watering plant-based meat foods. 
Many businesses like Beyond Meat, Memphis meat, Soylent, Clara foods are transforming the way we see meat. For a while, they have been implicated in generating vegan food that furnishes us the taste of meat and also the equivalent amount of protein. In this era, when the world is encompassing 'being Vegan' and devouring less meat, Australia has become the fastest growing vegan market. At the meantime, there are major meat-free meats and dairy-free cheeses that are available in the supermarkets.  

Is this a future of food or just a fleeting fad? 

Certainly, consumption of less meat or meat-free products has given an intelligence to the world. It has enhanced the number of cattle herds and has also affected our life. There will be 'those' who contend at the lab-grown, plant-based meat business is just a flash of oil in the pan and an edgy food trend that won't last long. But, the subject of meat substitutes and dairy alternatives that we see today has been with us for decades, and what we are discerning today is just the metamorphosis and maturation of our conceptions towards the environment.